finished work in Molly-13 second round

finished work in Molly-13 second round
Cargado originalmente por 7fetiches7


szaza said...

Oh my goodness, Laura!
It's beautiful! Whose book is it?

benconservato said...

Could be Anna's.

Laura 7fetiches said...

Thank you very much, Samantha.
I´m mooving for another place to live, cause I have sold my house.
Ly new adress is:
Urb. Quinta del PraderĂ³n.
C/ Prado Verde,2
28260 Galapagar
In a short time I´ll send the three Mollys I have.
Sorry for all of you. I´m very bussy.

benconservato said...

Ahh Laura,
All good, I've been very busy too, I haven't done a lot of drawing/painting of late. I have also noted your address and look forward to seeing what everyone does next.

dwight said...

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